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Earendil the Mariner

Half-Elves were the child of a mortal and an immortal parent. While the term Half-Elf or Peredhel proper only refers to the family of Earendil and Elwing, the only acknowledged union between Eldar and Edain, there certainly were more descendants of less known unions between Elves and Hildor; for example - Galador of Dol Amroth and Heorrenda of the Angol.

The Choice of Kindred

All who had the blood of men were by fate mortal, with the exception of the children of Elrond Half-elven who were bound to their father's fate and thus had the choice to either leave Endor with him to the Undying Lands or stay in Endor and become mortal.This was because of the Judgement of Manwë over Eärendil the Mariner and Elwing and had been proclaimed at Elrond's children's birth.According to one tradition the Choice had, at the judgement of the Valar on the descendants of Eärendil and Elwing, extended over three generations and also Elros Tar-Minyatur's son Tar-Vardamir was considered a half-elf and had been given the choice.He chose mortality.


The descendants of Half-Elves were, even if the Half-elven parent chose a mortal life, regarded as Elf-blooded and often inherited a long lifespan and exceptional beauty and aura as well as other strengths of the Quendi.

Half-Elves and Elf-blooded of Renown

Amdori Andai Inda'eir Annelena Ardagor Arwen Undómiel Baragorn Half-elven Blodrin Bolg the Younger Carambor Celebrinel of Mirkwood Chinta Kari Darien Dereth Dior Aranel Eärendil the Mariner El'ugni Elladan Elor once Dark Elrohir Elrond Half-elven Elros Tar-Minyatur El'ugni Eluréd Elurín Elwing Erestor of Rivendell Finduilas Peredhil Galador of Dol Amroth Gilmith of Dol Amroth Hawin Koldana Heorrenda Iax Ingi'inda Grey-cloaked Kôma of Kôm Linbeth Elmir Lúthien Tinúviel Marahil Mirag Morrána Morelenĕ Namu the Rain-man Ongrog Razanur the Traveller Sarpeth Sérëdhiel Shaleen T'revor Arain Tartás-Izain Tâsh-Enâmô Tiliwini Tinfang Gelion Ûlgarin Ulman the Mage Tar-Vardamir Yaerû Yark Balka


the exact quote of Manwë's judgement is:

"Now all those who have the blood of mortal Men, in whatever part, great or small, are mortal, unless other doom be granted to them."

So while Eärendil's descendants seem to have the choice of kindred up until the third generation, other immortal half-elves are at last theoretically possible, as it is in the end the "grace of Eru" which gives them the choice of kindred and not any worldly power or decision.

At last within the MERP legacy there are more "half-elves", most of them descendants of Umanyar and Lesser Men, some of them seem to be at last as long-lived as Elrond's children. Either the legends on them must be false or misunderstood, or they were granted a choice by Eru through one of the great powers at one point, and we just never heard or read the story behind it.