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Warriors of the Haladin

The House of Haleth (S."Nothlir Haletha") or Halethrim were the second House of the Edain.They were akin to the populance of southern Eriador and Gondor (the Daen-Peoples) and different in customs and language from the folk of Beor and Marach.The suviving Halethrim of Beleriand either flew across the Ered Luin and contributed to the people of Eriador and Rhovanion, or settled the Island of Númenor to become known as the Númenoreans - the Dúnedain. They were also known as the Haladin, although that term originally only referred to their noble line.The Drúedain were a subgroup of the House of Haleth, having joined their ancestors before their arrival in Beleriand.


The Halethrim, were dark of hair and complexion, like the Beorians, but smaller and more gracile.


The Halethrim were a Woodland-Culture, great Archers and Hunters, who lived in hilltop-settlements fortified by palisades.When they arrived in Beleriand they were a simple hunter-gatherer folk with crude stone weapons and tools although they already had started to raise some herd animals too.In Brethil they quickly became herders of Sheep, though they also knew some agriculture and like their Sindarin neighbours had gardens, orchards and little fields on the larger forest clearings.The Folk of Haleth used to make political decisions via a council they called the Folkmoot, but they elected a Lord or Chieftain known as the Halad (H."Warden") to lead them in battle and confirm important decisions. In contrast to the other Edain the Halethians never grew accustomed to heavy Armour but were clad in leather and armed with Spear, Javelin, Long Knife, Short bow and Light Axe.Also some of their young women joined the males in battle and became Warrior-Amazons.These women usually didn't marry or start families.The Haladin were also known to use War-Dogs in Battle and were the most supreme woodsmen and Forest-warriors among the Edain.


The Halethrim had heard of the Powers of the West but were often thought to have ambivalent views towards them.However they had adopted some, vaguely animistic or shamanic, traditions from their Drúadan brothers.They buried their fallen heroes in great Barrows and conserved their lore, history and customs in form of songs, which were preserved by their Harpist-Seers.


The Halethian language was alien to the languages of the Beorians and Marachians.For a while it was continued as the language of populance of Mittalmar, which was largely of halethian descend, but it was later gradually displaced by the Hadorian language, which developed into Adûnaic.

Halethians of renown

Agathor Arachon Barach of Brethil Beldis Brandir the Older Brandir the Lame Bril Daruin Dorlas of Brethil Eärendil Ebor Enthor the Elder Enthor the Young Forhend Galhir Glirhuin of Brethil Haldad Haldan of Brethil Haldar Haldir of Brethil Haleth the Huntress Haleth the younger Halmir of Brethil Handir of Brethil Harathor Hardan Hardang Hareth Hathal daughter of Larnach Hathol of Dor-lómin Hiril of Brethil Hundad Hundar Hunleth Hunthor of Brethil Larnach Larnil Manthor Meleth of Brethil Sagroth Tarang