Lady Haleth Halad (Hal."Female Guardian"), First Lord of the Second House of the Edain (the Haladin), was the daughter of Haldad. Haldad died in the great Orc-raid that served to unite his beleaguered and disunited kinsmen. Haldar, Haleth's older brother and Haldad's heir, was also slain by Orcs, falling while attempting to defend Haldad's body. Thus, Haleth succeeded her father. Proud and strong, she refused the protection of Caranthir's Elves, instead opting to unite the survivors of the Second House and move her people to safer lands. The tribe concurred and gathered under her banner, making Haleth their first Lord. Then, the people of the Second House migrated out of southern Thargelion and into Estolad. After a brief stay they moved again, heading north then west, through Nan Dungortheb to Talath Dirnen, and finally into the Forest of Brethil. The Haladin received leave to settle the wooded realm in return for an obligation to protect the Crossings of Teiglin. Although Haleth died relatively soon thereafter, her folk remained united long after her passing, and they remained the Haladin, or People of Haleth. Because she never wed and remained childless, however, her nephew Haldan succeed her as Lord.

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