The Halûdyi were a people living in the realms of Arysis and Siakan. They were also known as the Eastern Harûze. They had historically been oppressed by the men of Khand and the Khyans, however they had also had a lucrative trading relationship with these and many other peoples. They inhabited fertile regions around the rivers (such as the Óde Rysis) in the midst of the great desert that was north-eastern Harad. Halûdyi society had strong similarities to the western Harûze society, but had also evolved on its own. The Halûdyi spoke a Haruzic language, although it was different from "true" Harûze. For instance, the Harûze term 'feswan' was pronounced 'fishûani' in Halûdyi.



Original form in MERP: Haludji = Halûdyi

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