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The Haid (Tal.:"Wanderers") were an Easterling or Snowman tribe inhabiting the Blue Forest, south of Mur Fostisyr. Clans of Hunter-gatherers, Fisherfolk and Herders, they were related to the more northerly Fustir, but were considered more plentiful and warlike.

The Lotani and later Syrkakar were, at least partially, their descendants.


The average Haid was 5'6"-6'2" tall, had ruddy skin, dark brown hair and eyes, and tended to be hirsute and stocky of build.Males often sported beards and many braided their wiry hair. Their average Lifespan was 70 years.


The Haidic language, or Thokot, was related to Talath and Rhaya. orizian-Zettan, Korsk, Lotani and Syrkan were late descendants of the Thokot.


The Haid also appeared in Loremaster (ICE Series) as one of the major races of Kulthea.