The Hagavorl

The Hagavorl was perhaps the most notable and distinctive specimen of flora of Cardolan.Pharconatar, the first Numenorean Cáno of Cardolan,had begun the planting of the Hagavorl (Ad. "Hawthorn-wall") in S.A.1777. He desired a barrier to slow any large scale incursion of Orcs or Hillmen from Rhudaur into central Cardolan, so that he would have time to prepare his few and scattered forces.The Hagavorl, a hedge of sharp thorns stretching from the Mitheithel to the Baranduin above the Old Forest, was an ambitious project even by Numenorean standards, but Pharconatar received aid from Elrond Half-elven's herbmasters.Nonetheless, the task was abandoned after his death in S.A. 1812 and was not restarted until the time of Elendil the Tall.The Hagavorl was finally completed by King Arandil in T.A. 1126 as part of his futile plans for eradicating the country's wolves.Now pierced in innumerable places, the Hedgewall was punctuated by gaps of up to two miles.It was still an impressive sight and could be a serious barrier to the casual traveler.
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