Rohirric, Dunael (Dunlendish), Westron
Time period

Hafoc (T.A. 2930 - T.A. 3019) was a Rohirrim captain who once served in the military force led by King Thengel.

Hoping to solve the long-standing grudge between the Dunlendings and the Rohirrim, Hafoc negotiated with chiefs of the wild Hill-men for peace. Perceiving this as a betrayal, King Thengel exiled Hafoc and claimed his lands and cattle.

Disgraced and vengeful against those who wronged him, Hafoc was compelled by Saruman to join him under seemingly fair reasons. Before long, the veteran captain figured out that the Wizard was subservient to the Dark Lord Sauron. Though displeased by this realization, Hafoc considered that service to the hateful Enemy he had once swore to oppose would allow him to get revenge on Rohan. Accepting to Saruman's demands, Hafoc led several attacks by parties of Orcs of the White Hand and Hill-men against the villages of Rohan. Though he disagreed with spilling the blood of innocents, he believed that all suffering would end once the line of Thengel ended.

His efforts brought him to the attention of Sauron himself, who ordered Saruman to send Hafoc to Great River, as the company of rogues there would certainly benefit from his military experience. Hafoc hated with all his heart his new assignment, training the ruffians with all his spite for their ilk. He was even more outraged to learn that more ill-favoured men from the South were on their way to join them, but Saruman assured him his master needed a firm arm to hold the region under control. Moreover, the Wizard told him Sauron would appoint him "King of Rohan" in the event of Theoden's death.

During a skirmish at the Great River, Hafoc and his ragtag army were confronted by allies of Rohan and battle soon ensued. Distracted by the news of the latest atrocities commited by the White Hand of Isengard, the humbled veteran lost his grace and was mortally wounded. Dying, Hafoc cursed both Saruman and Sauron, damning them to continue their existence as souls in eternal anguish and humilliation, for they were as vile as of an unwise ruler Thengel was.


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