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Man of House Hador

The Hadorians (S."Hadorrim"), also known as Marachians (after their first leader Marach) were the third house of the Edain.They were closely akin to many men who had stayed behind in Rhovanion and along the western shores of the Rhûnaer.


The Marachians were a mostly fair-haired and bright-eyed people, though not a few among them that had dark hair and they had already mixed with the Bëorians when they entered Beleriand.They were also noted for being taller and more slender than their often brawny cousins of the other two houses.


They were closely related in language and customs to the Bëorians, both tribes had been nomadic Herders and breeders of Cattle and fierce horsemen riding short , shaggy but very enduring and sturdy animals still closely akin to the Wild horses of Palisor.When the Hadorians moved to Hithlum they mostly settled in small wooden manors or townships close to the lakelands, while their Bëorian kinsmen moved to the wilds of Dorthonion where they either settled the stone-fortresses of the Noldor or built small villages in the wooded highlands.From their ancestors nomadic days they had preserved the institution of the Mabakh a kind of Moot or Thing, at which the warrior-nobles decided their political matters under the presidence of their Bar or Lord-Chieftain.After they had allied themselves the Hadorians, who always had been a culture estimating martial prowess, adapted heavy Armour and weaponry, most often their Soldiers wore Bastard sword, Great-Axe or Throwing Spear.They also strongly contributed to the Noldorian cavalry forces.


The Hadorians had learned from the Avari or Nandor of the Powers of the West and revered these collectively as gods, they also revered the Voice, a name they gave to Eru.They had preserved legends about the original sin and fall of men from their ancestors and had even handed over some of these myths to their Bëorian kinsmen.The keepers of the Lore and traditions of the Hadorians were known as the Wise or Maurai, a position that was often, but not exclusively, held by women.


The Hadorian language, known as Old Magol, was originally a dialect of the same language from which Bëorian derived (known as Taliska).With the settling of Númenór and the growing intermingling of both houses the Bëorian dialect however died out and Magol evolved into the Adûnaic tongue.Many ancient dialects of the men of Middle-Earth had originally been related to Magol, especially the language family from which the Rhovanian dialects had emerged.

Hadorians of renown

Adanel Aerin of Dor-lómin Algund Amlach Andróg Andvír Aradan Asgon of Dor-lómin Belemir Bregor of Dorthonion Dírhavel of Dor-lómin Eärendil the Mariner Forweg the Outlaw Galdor the tall Gethron of Dor-lómin Gildis Glirhuin of Brethil Glóredhel of Brethil Glorwendil of Estolad Grithnir Gundor son of Hador Hador Lórindol Halog Hathol son of Magor Hatholdir Huor of Dor-lómin Húrin Thalion Imlach son of Marach Indor of Dor-lómin Lalaith of Dor-lómin Magor son of Malach Mailrond Malach Aradan Marach of House Hador Nienor Níniel Olrakhor Orchaldor Orlin Peleg Ragnir the Blind Ragnir the Outlaw Sador Labadal Saelbeth Saelon Thorn Túor Eladar Túrin Turambar Ulrad the Outlaw Zimrahin