(Ad."Khôrabal") was a promising captain of Dol Guldur.He was sent to serve the sorceress Miruimor

as her Lord of Arms.Outwardly Miruimor’s faithful servant inwardly Hûrdur hated that someone from outside the system got promoted to the job he felt he had earned cringing and licking boots. This submissive attitude was precisely why he was never a command. Hûrdur was a solid strategist though and a good master-at-arms. His men and Orcish troops respected him for that.


Original form in MERP:Herudor = Khôrabal =Hûrdur

The original Quenya form was replaced by an orcish/Black speech form, as Quenya was outlawed in the dark realms and uncommon among the Black Númenoreans.

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