The Hâsharin were a Haradron Order founded in Sauron's name. The despotic lords who ruled Harad exercised their will through them. To question or contradict the will of a Hâsharin led to death, whether by public execution or through the quiet application of their murderous skills. On the battlefield, the Hâsharii acted as assassins, seeking out enemy leaders and slaying them with poisoned blades.

A Hâsharin wore many layers of clothing, concealing all of his body and most of his head - only his eyes could be seen. Many weapons were tied to his waist with a fabric belt.


Hâsharii of Note:

Asternak Dalamyr Hargrog Jaeru Saléme Ulfacs Vaal Gark


The MERP Books mention a much similar order, the Southern Slayers, it may be possible to identify these southern Slayers as an early incarnation of the later Hasharii.


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