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A Gwathuiron

The Gwathuirim (S."Shadowy people" Dn."Daen Lintis" ) or Darbarin (Hal."masterful men") were a people of the Second Age, kinsmen of the Halethrim who inhabited the wooded Lands around the river Gwathló.

After the Númenóreans started to colonize the coastlands of Eriador and clear the woods for their shipbuilding industry, the Gwathuirim started an agressive guerilla war against the intruders, later even allying themselves with the host of Sauron. The Númenórean's revenge was cruel and merciless, and many Gwathuirim were either slain or enslaved. Those who escaped fled to the foothills of the Misty Mountains and to the plains of Calenardhon.

The Dunlendings, Calenardhonians, Mebden of Eryn Vorn and Gwathló Bargemen all were their descendants.

Gwathuirim of Renown