The Gwathló Marches

The lowland river valleys between Tharbad and the Trollshaws in Mintyrnath—the heartland of Eriadoran settlement . The Marches , held once by the baron s (later the Cantons ) of Feotar and various Rhudauran knights , could only be at peace when a friendly power controlled the Trollshaws farther up the river and subdued the Hillmen. Harfoot Hobbits came to the Marches and the adjoining downlands and chalk prairies in the 12th century of the Third Age . They found work primarily as shepherds and field hands , living in small enclaves on the streams adjacent to estates and villages . As first Rhudaur and then Feotar fell into political disarray , life got more dangerous in the Marches . By the time of the death of the last Hir Feotar in 1509 , raids by Hillmen and Orcs , with riots and petty village warfare , were driving the Harfoots westward to safer lands ,most of the dirt poor and ragged .


  • MERP:Arnor
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