A Sylph-Warrior

The Manír and Súruli (Q.Good-Ones and Wind-Kindred S."Gwaeridir"") were the Spirits of Light and Air, Maiar of Manwë and Varda. They were the greatest Warriors of the Valar and commonly known as Sylphs of the airs and winds.Sylphs were known to take the Shape of Birds, especially Falcons and Eagles, but the Great eagles were different from their kind and just Kelvafear, animals which had been elevated and supplied with souls by Eru.

Corrupted Sylphs became Storm-Demons, as the Sword Demons, Spear Demons and the Winds of Taurang.In Haradwaith the wind-entities were known as the "Colruh".

Known Sylphs

Eonwe Father Wind Ilmarë Makar Morfana Nenduhir Starvar


Rolemaster's Kulthea or Shadow World has a winged humanoid race, the Hirazi.

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