In his early years, Gundramma (Old Rh."Village-Strong") was a river captain of some repute, earning the name “Golden-hands” by amassing the largest fortune in town with just a decade of trading. Four ships comprised his private fleet, outstanding by local standards, and Guntram resided in a stately mansion adjoining the Maethelstede.Later rather rotund and balding, Guntram hasd become the butt of local wags, who chuckled that someday a Giant Eagle will mistake him as a misplaced egg. A canny and avaricious sort into his 2nd term as Master of Mathleisbaurg , Gundramma had amply displayed his expertise at both business and town politics, caring nothing for politics beyond the bounds of his town, and always looking for profit in any affair.


  • “Chain of the Master”


MERP gives the original Name in a frankish form, as Guntram.

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