The Gundabad Orcs were the orcish tribes who took into possession of the ancient dwarven city of Gundabad.They were orcs from the north and led by formally independent Chieftains, not directly ruled by Mordor.

A Gundabad Orc

Gundabad Orcs of renown

Akargin Akargun Azog the Defiler Azog the Lesser Balcog Baltog Bolg the Strong Bolg the Younger Bolgbarz Bralg the Insane Brok of Gundabad Fimbul Ghardak Gordúf Gorkil Gorzul Grachuk Grashûkh of Gundabad Hurog Karagat Lagbug Lagdush Lughorn Lunul Mauthak Mazog Mukarg Narzug Obad Rolbog Saviga Skorg Torg Uglag Urzog Wurgoth Yazneg Zalg Zarbag



MERP mentions four tribes of Gundabad, the Huvorgha, Burzath, Krach-Ul and Ilguz.The Chieftains of Gundabad, the Ashdurbuks, are the descendants of one of Morgoth´s Generals, the Orc Mukarg.Azog, Bolg, Skorg, Bralg, Mazog and Zalg are all of his lineage.The entire tribal confederation is also known as the Ghrazîm (Orc."Rack-Horde").

The Battle for Middle-Earth

In TBFME the Gundabad Orcs are shown as archaic Orcs similar to those that fought for Sauron in the second Age (seen in the Movie Trilogy´s intro).They are of middle height, have brownish skin, thin hair and yellowish eyes and are clad in dirty brown leather.They have warriors, armed with shields and scimitars and train Wolfriders.Chieftains are elected in a ceremony of competition in killing Goblins.One of Gundabad´s leaders is the huge Goblin called Gorkil.

The Lord of the Rings SBG

The Lord of the Rings SBG shows the Gundabad Blackshields, the Elite-Unit of Gundabad, as similar to the Moria Goblins although a bit taller and clad in red loins and wolf-pelts, but with Helmets, shields and swords identical to those of the Deep-Orcs of Moria.They most likely could be identified with the Búrzath or Krach-ûl.

Movie Trilogy

In the Hobbit Movie Trilogy there are several groups of Orcs from Gundabad.The first ones are pale Greater Orcs, the Tribe of Azog and Bolg, seemingly representing an archaic Race of Orcs from the Elder Days, the second one are lesser Orcs, among them the Hunter-Orcs, a fanatical troop of Manhunters who ride Fell Wargs and similar, albeit different equipped, "Gundabad Berserkers".The lesser Orcs taking part at the Battle of Azanulbizar appear similar to the small but squat Hunter-Orcs, although equipped with more common orc-armour (probably representing the standartized infantry-version of the same type) while the greater Gundabad-Orcs or pale-Orcs are similar to Uruk-Hai though obviously more barbarous and primitive and equipped with armour and weapons of lesser quality.The Lego-Video Game also shows Azog's Bodyguard wearing golden or bronze helmets and cuirasses.

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