Gun Ain

Red Dunlending Female Warrior

Time Period
Third Age 3018-19

Gun Ain, born as Avair, was a daughter of the Hillmen allied with Angmar.

An outcast warrior of a Duvardain tribe, she was disgraced due to being defeated in a rite. Relocating to Enedwaith, she took on the name of Gun Ain and entered service to Saruman, as a spy and an assassin.

In the Wizard's employ, Gun Ain was entrusted with finding lost artefacts and manuscripts containing lore of the arts of Ring-making or teachings of the Dark Lord. She eventually came to see that Saruman was subservient to Sauron, a dark figure whom her people worshipped when they were under Angmar's yoke. Gun Ain greatly revered Sauron and this increased her respect for Saruman, given his seemingly genuine allegiance to his own master.

To better serve him, Saruman sent Gun Ain throughout Eriador to extend her search as well weaken the Dunedain's protection over the lands of the Shire. During this time, she found herself a valuable agent to the squint-eyed Doeth, a fellow servant of Saruman, who oversaw the Wizard's affairs in Breeland. Athelwyn and Grimbosh were dispatched by Saruman to help her in her findings, as well as keep an eye on her. In her mission, Gun Ain had several encounters with Aragorn, developing a love-hatred feeling for him.

Assisted by Saruman's men, Gun Ain delved into lore hidden in the Barrow-downs and once again was confronted by Aragorn. Refusing to reveal her motives, the two engaged in a fight that ended with her death.


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