The Sorcerer Caste of Dol Guldur recruited their Acolytes from many different peoples, Easterlings, Northrons, Dorwinrim and even the occasional Black Númenóreans. They called themselves Kîshothî (B.S."Advocates") or Laugashî (B.S."Sorcerers") and acted as the Ambassadors, Priests and henchmen of the Necromancer or his puppet-ruler (usually one of the Nazgûl, Khamûl the shadow from the east). Some of the mightier Guldur Sorcerers were "rewarded" with "immortality" and had become Ringwights.


The leader of the Guldur Sorcerers was the Fha-laugash (B.S."High-Priest") who supervised the Kîshothi and the smaller number of lesser Smalaugashî (B.S."Acolytes"). The Fha-laugash of the conclave had to answer to the Guldur Mouth, the direct voice of the Necromancer.


To the outside the Guldur Conclave taught clouded and superstitious reverence of Spirits and the dead and spread the various prophecies of the Necromancer. Only in the inner circles of the Conclave the dark lord was openly revered as a deity.

Guldur Sorcerers of renown

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