The Guldur-Orcs or Kazgûmhuth (Or."Barracked Host") were the orc-tribe which venerated the Necromancer of Dol Guldur.The Kazgûmhoth were effectively a coalition of a larger number of smaller tribes, among which the Blogrum-Hai,the Orcs of the Flame, Shirkag, Uruk-Harnak, Uruk-Thang and Uruk-Torg were the best-known.After the first defeat of the Necromancer by the White Council the Kazgûmhoth coalition was broken and much turmoil and inner strifes caused the emergence of smaller splinter-factions and lesser alliances.The Nazgûl Khamul the Easterling however had little trouble to reunite these bands under the Banner of the Eye and so at the end of the Third Age the Guldur-Orcs made up of the Bûrzthrâng, Durbúrz-stazg,Dushmau, Frûmhon, Hîshtgropor, Maukglob, Mirk-eaves Orcs, Taughâsh, Hîs-Urdan, Mor-Hai, Ûngund and several additional clans.

Many of the Guldur-Orcs orignally hailed from Gundabad and Moria but some were also bred at Dol Guldur itself by the Pitmasters of Khamûl. The Army of Guldur was giant with more than 8,000 orcs. They First Leader was Sauron but later it was the Ringwraith Khâmul and several lower ranking Orc Generals.

Notable Dol Guldor Orcs

Ashrak Athdurub Athgrat Âthruk Azbul Azog II Bolg II Bolgbarz Burlak Darúk Durkam Durshâtaz Fikthrug Fotak Gazkhlát Grashukh Grishbugud Juithrech Klarbug Krirnak Margush Morsharpat Morsháti Muggrath Lombar Narzug Nulfríb Shatog Snakfrúm Talûntûm Tímurzgrat Ukhurk Ulkúrzlam Zagfra

Movie Trilogy

The Movie trilogy shows the legions Guldur-Orcs as a well equipped and disciplined host, similar to the Black Uruks of Isengard , Gundabad Orcs and Mordor, though wearing somewhat different war-gear and mostly heavier armour.

Their Weapons included Scimitars, Axes, Maces, hammers, bows, pikes, Halberds and spears.

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