the Growithatriggwa was , a body of lore among the Woodmen of Rhovanion said to have been handed down to them by their Silvan elven neighbors.For example the Growithatriggwa was the source of the Growithatriggwa festivals such as the Festival of Berries, Festival of the Hunt and the Festival of Rebirth.The Cult of Growth was also known as Alanakyn.


Growithatriggwa seems to be derived from Old Norse grodr (growth) or Anglo-saxon groivan (to grow) and gothic triggws (truth) or anglo-saxon tréowe.A possible old frankish form could be Greuwatreua.

Alanakyn seems to be derived from gothic and anglo-saxon alan (to grow up) and old frankish kund, gothic kunnan or anglo-saxon cunnan (knowledge) or possibly anglo-saxon kyn, kindred.A possible old frankish form could be Alanekunde or Alanechunn.

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