a Cave-Bear

Cave bears (Q. "Rondomorcor", sing. "Rondomorco"; S. "grodbrog", pl. "grodbrogath"; Hi."Arta-Úathmar", "horrible bears") were huge beasts that weigh up to fourteen hundred pounds. They had rough, black fur, accented with brown stripes on the paws, ears, and faces. Their paws could snap a neck as easily as a dry branch, and their long claws could rip through light metal or any leather armor as easily as through linen. Fortunately, they were retiring creatures who liked to eat tubers, roots and berries almost as much as they liked fish and small game. Only rarely did Men or Dwarves get the opportunity to experience the blows of the cave bear.

Monogamous and family-minded, cave bears frequently traveled in small packs. Males traveled alone, but the females preferred company and would not leave their cubs until they were grown.


Original form in MERP:Barg-Moig = Art-Úathmar


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