Grishlug was the Black Uruk chieftain of the Gazathrûg who served as Sauron's viceroy amongst the Orcs of Moria. He and his underlings hailed from Dol Guldur, from which they were dispatched before the War of the Ring to subjugate the lesser Goblins of Moria. They did this, and soon Grishlug was dominant among the orc-chiefs of the Mines, his only real competitors in the form of Mazog the Hobgoblin and Drisnak the Goblin. the Fellowship of The Ring traversed the Mines, Grishlug led the attack on them, and managed to pin Frodo Baggins to the wall, though he was soon slain by Aragorn, son of Arathorn.


  • Black-skinned
  • Almost Mannish
  • Red, coal-like eyes
  • Red tongue
  • Broad, flat, swart face


  • Black Orc helm
  • Suit of black Ringmail
  • Great Spear
  • Hauberk of black mail
  • Huge shield of animal-hide
  • Cuirass of black steel
  • Black Scimitar


Perhaps Grishlug can be identified with the huge Orc-Chieftain Boromir and Aragorn had to fight in the chamber of Mazarbul.If not this orc could have been Mazog or Drisnak.


  • the Lord of the Rings Role-Playing Game: Dwarves of Middle-Earth (Moria Boxed Set)
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