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The Grey Mountains

The Grey Mountains (S: "Ered Mithrin")

Length: 780 miles, from Gundabad in the west to the Withered Heath and the Emyn Engrin in the east.
Elevation: average peak elevation: 5,000-7,000 feet; lowest peak: Khelor-dornal (Kh. ?) 3,642 feet; highest peak: Gondmaeglom (S."Stone of Sharp Echoes") 10,720 feet.
Climate: average annual precipitation: 60-80 inches; mean annual temperature: 25-35°F; average low: Ninui - 15°F; average high: Urui - 75°F
Composition: The Ered Mithrin is composed of the coarse grey limestone which is common in northern Rhovanion. Caverns filled with glistening rock formations and subterranean pools reward the adventuresome spelunker. A Dwarven expedition in the Second Age found some gold deposits near the Withered Heath, but they were forced to flee when they woke a dragon which lived in the vicinity. Near Angmar, at the western end of the range, and in the Iron Hills far to the east, great deposits of ores rich in iron and lead may be found.

Ered Mithrin in LOTRO

Notes: Elvish scholars claim that the Ered Mithrin were once part of the Ered Engrin, which guarded the realm of Morgoth in the First Age, although they are surely less formidable than those legendary peaks. The Grey Mountains are the home to many Orcs, Trolls, and Dragons. Two arms of this chain form the basin known as the Withered Heath, and the southern of these may be considered contiguous with the Iron Hills. Very few trees can be found on the slopes. Only mosses and lichens can endure the harsh climate and sporadic bursts of Dragon-fire. Though the Ered Mithrin average ~6,000 feet tall and are usually capped with ice throughout the year, passage across the mountains is fairly easy in a number of level passes. However, the numerous hostile creatures in the area give one little reason to cross the range at all. Rumors spread by wandering Dwarves hint at rich deposits of gold and gems near the Withered Heath, yet none are so foolish as to follow them. Certainly, the coffers of the Witch-king receive much of the gold mined in the Ered Mithrin.

While hardly the mightiest of Middle-earth's mountain ranges, the Grey Mountains (S. "Ered Mithrin") were nonetheless a daunting wall. By the local standards they rose like jagged peaked Giants, some reaching over 7000 feet in elevation. All were snow-capped in winter, and some retained their white crowns throughout the year. The southern face of the chain was virtually sheer, making entry difficult for the traveler. Virtually untouched (except by Dwarven miners) the region abounded with wildlife. On the northern side, the Ered Mithrin rose relatively gradually from the rolling plains and broken hills of the Northern Waste. Unlike the southern face of the range, this side presented no sheer mountain wall. Instead, glaciers cascaded down narrow U-shaped valleys and spawned tumults of cold water which found their way north to the Encircling Sea. Stands of fir lined the middle slopes of the more sheltered valleys. Deep glacial lakes dotted the countryside, while loose scree — the crushed rock churned up by the seasonal movements of ice flows — impeded travel in many areas.


Cirith Auris Cirith Feadin Cirith Gondmaeglom Cirith Himninond Cirith Mithlin Daedric's Gap Den Loke Grárik Grey Mountain Foothills the Narrows Hollow Hills Nan Lóke Northern Foothills Sarth nia Linquelie Southern Rim Uthrael Béoac Thornholt Whiterock Creek Withered Heath Wrathorn Wyrmgap


Forest River Greylin Heath River Helkasiril Lôkosîr Mithlin Taurduin


Men Angrún Men-i-Mithrin Men Rhûnen Way of the Grey Wrack

Places of Note

The Grey Mountains - Places of Note

Ablâk-khadar Aglâmbazar Anvilmount Anvil's Crack Azagkhizdín Bar-en-Bairanax Baraldrin's Gate Bat Dome Beacon Tower Beornan's Home Beroacra Bitter Scar Bizar-atrâd Black Knob Brúgrad Cave of the Bulor-Ilg Caves of Ulund Celebost Cirith Auris Cirith Mithlinin Dain´s Halls Dancing Spire Danuk-khizdin Dôm Goru Dómekh Dwarven Watchtower Dying Glacier Furuk-Mekhem Gilgróf Glimmerdeep Goat Mountain Gold Hill Gondmaeglom Grey Wrack Hyarleuca's Cave Irerock Kala Dulakarth Kalbaraz Kêr Bréin Khelor-dornal Klyaxar's Lair Lag-Auris Long Peak Mahalkukhizdin Nordinbad Norr-Dûm Óinsbridge Ovir Hollow Rushgate Shab Arch Silver-pit Silverplunge Skarhald Skóghus Sorrowdrop Spidertunnels Stánbalk Steelfall Stormlind Stormwall Surgax Thafar-gathol Thakalgund Tharrazhâr Thikil-Gundu Thollakar Thrumfall Thundercleft Tuwurdrog Udrabax Udûnanca Ugtilai Ûgûlai Vargurat Waetan's Lodge Wind Throne Winterstith Wolf Flat Wormcove Wraecaburg Zeleg-ubraz

Inhabitants (Peoples)

Ainur: Bulor-Ilg

Dwarves: Dwarves of the Grey Mountains Broadbeams Firebeards Stormbeard Clan Longbeards

Men: Men of the Grey Mountains Angmarrim Béoac Beornings Easterlings Estanrewas Gramuz Lossoth Lotani Ungoladan Ymirsfólk

Orcs: Grey Mountain Orcs Asharag Hobgoblins Kul-Uruk Larzoguhoth Lor-Uruk-Shab Uruk-Erag

Trolls: Cave Trolls Hill Trolls Snow Trolls Stone Trolls Taurogrim


Ainur: Great Bear Spirit Supreme Bulor

Dragons: Agburanar Ando-Anca Angurth Bairanax Culgor Daelomin Drogoth Dynca Haurnfile Hyarleuca Itangast Khuzadrepa Klyaxar Leucaruth Lomaw Nimanaur Ruingurth Scatha Smaug Throkmaw Urgost Uruial

Dwarves: Azakhad Bórin son of Bórin Bórin son of Náin Dáin I of the Grey Mountains Fain Frór son of Dáin Glóin son of Thorin Glorin Groin Gror Náin son of Óin Nali Nalin [[Narvi V Óin son of Gróin Talin Thrór

Elves: Adunavar

Giants: Morgizern

Men: Aldaric Alderin Asgari Baraldrin Baric Bearwyn Beneric Beornan Borgenda Caviltar Daedric Daelgid Dancu Eloric Faelinoth Feld Fidoric Fram the Dragonslayer Gerdric Gieselin Glyorivia Gorion Haeldwyn Ildric Korbrild Ligrador Lisgaria Mathila Otogord Rigbord Rigdarabin Roginor Sargrid Sigradivia Sovorn Syndrith Tarifal Thandrain Thorsig Torifal Trigaric Ulgandraeth Ulred Valtramil Vandorac Varchaz Vered Vergandrieg the Wolf-friend Wuthgild

Orcs: Cro Dakalmog Durba Glashtoc Grac Gretch Grizbat Kalmog Mogshi Nadash Nurgash Orac Rugat Shagrath Sharzig Ukog the Lame Ulgin Urdrak Urgurk Urudrak

Trolls: Beldor Elgert Rilge-Cal

Other: Igandril


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