Green Hill Country

The Green Hills (S. "Emyn Galen", Os. "Embin Gweni") had originally been the Land of the Glade-lord Sûlor. In the early Second Age the Sinda lord Oropher had resided here, but that was unknown to mortals. No Elves made their homes among these tree-covered, granite-based hills anymore in the late Third Age. However, Elvish wandering companies still ran the length of the hills while passing from the White Downs to the Brandywine."The Rules" for Hobbits living in the area included prohibitions against clearing hillsides and smaller valleys, allowing for a reliable supply of good standard timber to be harvested year in and year out for generation after generation . Three Elvish resting glades still existed in the Green Hills. The locals called them "fairy dances" whenever they were observant enough to distinguish them from normal open glades and meadow.

Places of Notre


  • MERP:The Shire
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