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The Green Elves (Q."Laiquendi" S."Laegrim" N."Leikvir") were the Elves of Denethor's folk. Descendants of the Nandor of Rhovanion who followed their Sindar kinsmen over the Hithaeglir and later the Ered Luin.

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Originally he Green-Elves had been a relatively primitive Woodland Culture, Hunters and Gatherers who settled in small communities below the Trees and along riverine valleys.Metalwork had been alien to them as were buildings made of stone.Later of course this changed when the Green-Elves of Ossiriand and Nenuial grew accustomed to the Sindar and Noldor and added elements of their culture to their own.


The Green-Elves were small by elvish standard, sometimes even below six feet which was considered average for an eldarin male, they resembled more closely the Wild Elves of the East.They had pale or lavender, but sometimes also brownish, skin and mostly dark or golden brown hair but also sandy blond and silver-white tones could be found among them.


In Beleriand they settled in the woods of Ossiriand where they became a reclusive woodland-people.After the drowning of Beleriand most of the Green Elves merged with the Falathrim of Lindon while others emigrated to Nenuial where they formed a small Kingdom under leadership of Galadriel and Celeborn until most of them departed either to Lindon or Edhellond or followed their former King and Queen to Eregion and later Lórien.At the End of the third Age the Green Elves were considered an extinct people by most.


The Green-Elves spoke a western Nandorin dialect called Ossiriandeb (also called Ossiriandic, Ossiriandrin or Ossiriandish and Laiquenderin).

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