The Great Goblin, or Dûrba-Hai (Orc."People-Ruler"), was the formal title of the Orc-chieftain of Gong-Goi. It was notoriously contested, and though it was usually passed to scions of the line of Lokkak the Boldog, particularly ambitious and brutish Orcs of other origins claimed it for themselves at times.

  • Ogslap, The first Great Goblin in the Second Age. Many of the later Great Goblins were of the Seed of Ogslap.
  • Gurnákh, led the Orcs who slew Usildur in the Disaster of the Gladden Fields
  • Urgubal, the Great Goblin of Gong-Goi around 1640 T.A.
  • Oluruk, Usurper of Urgubal
  • Balkhmog, Urgubal´s son and Oluruk’s assassin
  • Bal the Goblin-Queen, an extremely rare She-Orc who ruled through puppeteering Balkhmog to mate with her and grant her titles, later slaying him and claiming his throne. She ruled long, and was known for her gluttony.
  • Ogrod, an infamous Great Goblin of T.A 2941, slain by Gandalf the Grey following his capture of Thorin & Company.
  • Gorkin, the Great Goblin who claimed the chieftaincy in the vacuum left by Ogrod.
  • Volg, a Great Goblin who rebuilt the Uruk-Tarkhnarb after the Battle of Five Armies
  • Ashûrz, the son of Ogrod who restored his line to the throne of Goblin-Gate around about 3018
  • Uloga, Mârubh and Brosh were a trio of competitors for the throne of Goblin-Gate during the war of the Ring
  • Volog, the Great Goblin of Gong-Goi about 1 F.A. (succeeding Ashûrz)

The Great Goblin was aided in his rule by two lieutenants, the Captain of the Wolf Gate and the Captain of the Back Door.


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