Great Black Bears

A strongly-built but compact creature, the Black Bear (Q. "Meglivorn"; pl. "Meglivorni") was common throughout northern Endor. They were nocturnal hunters who fed on insects, rodents,fish, small mammals, and carrion, supplementing this diet with fruit, berries, nuts, roots, and honey (Q. "Lissen"). During the autumn. Black Bears gorged on food so that they could be properly sustained during their long winter sleep (hibernation). They had a superb sense of smell, but their hearing and eyesight were merely average by the standards of the Lamar Raustear.

Black Bears were solitary animals. Mating pairs stayed together briefly only during the late summer mating season. After the litter (of 1-4) appeared in the midwinter, the female traveled with the cubs. The Eriadorans had an almost cultic obsession with hunting Bears, for they believed a bear-kill to be the ultimate test of one's prowess as a warrior. Both the Eriadoran Northmen and the Lossoth to the north revered and feared Bears. The mystical Bear-cults of both cultures exerted a strong but subtle influence over their societies. The Beiabarn, or Beornings, inherited the Eriadoran Northman tradition according to which the Great Bears had once accompanied Araw in his battles against the Great Enemy.


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