A Great Eagle

The Great Eagles (Q."Eanosse") were the most noble of all birds, having been chosen by the Vala Manwë, Lord of the Air, and Yavanna, Queen of the Earth. Appointed as overseers of all the Kelvar, they played many glorious roles in the history of Middle-earth. Their exploits were legion. They had rescued numerous champions who were in their hour of greatest need.

Great Eagles were as intelligent as any of the Free Peoples but were not numbered among them, presumably because they lacked the power to build things and fashion crafts. These huge birds were not to be trifled with, though: they were fierce foes when aroused to anger and had little patience with faint-heartedness in the face of danger. They were stalwart foes of Evil and especially hated any other creature of the air who had allied with the Valar's enemies.They spoke a language of their own: Eryr-aryth.


Great Eagles of Renown

Arthorontur Belarum Duilthôrir Gwaewar Gwaihir Gwinhir Landroval Meneldor Norantir Thorondor


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