Great Beasts

From the very heart of the dark lands of Mordor, the great beasts, or beasts of Núrn (Orc. "Bûs", Q."Turanastar") were huge, strong creatures - many of which were captured by the Orcs for use on the battlefield. Whether hauling huge siege weapons, or carrying Howdas full of troops to battle, these huge beasts were a formiddable sight to behold, and it took the bravest of warriors to be able to face on in battle.

More northern Cousins of the Great Bûs of Núrn were the somewhat smaller Sulokil of Gorgoroth.A much smaller cousin of the great Beasts were the Iron-Hill-Beasts, used as beasts of burden and draft-animals by the Dwarves of Azanulinbar-Dum.The Tâmpac native to the Lands of the Bay of ormal also often were guessed to belong to the same family.

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