Gramia Northmen suffering from the great Plague

the Gramas or in earlier times Gramias (or Gramiathiuda) were the plainsmen of southern Rhovanion and the lands of the northern celduin vales. They were a branch of the Northrons most closely related to the Éothrym and the Beornings.Several Grama Tribes also came to northern Rhovanion to live near the Lands between the rivers Carnen and Celduin where they eventually intermingled with the Lake-men and the Dale-Men.The Gramias divided themselves into the Northern and Southern Gramias and spoke an Old rhovanian dialect known as Gramiska.

Known Clans

northern Gramias: Aikaltheis Bairawinis Baurgungs Frithas Frothgairus Hahthiuda Vinitas

southern Gramias: Aitheiwarias Briutas Gabiungs Waldandungs Wissungs Withras

Gramuz of Renown

Berowini Ildireik Sigradivia


Early ICE sourcebooks give the tribal Name as Gramuz, based on early Gothic Gramjan ("provoke wrath" or "anger"), later Publications however used the corrected Anglo-Saxon Grama instead.Here Gramias is used as a corrected (latinized meso-gothic) spelling of the tribes name as it might have been in use in the TA 1640s of the common ICE Setting, instead of the later anglo-saxon Gramas which is implied to have been used for the Gramuz descendants who lived about TA 3019.

The MERP Books also give the clans names as Accaldingas, Athavaringas,Bearwynas, Borgingas, Bryttas, Frohargas, Frithas, Gafolingas, Hatheod, Waldlaes,Waildingas, Wentlas, Wissingas, Withras, nameforms of a mixed gothic and modified anglo-saxon origin.

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