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Gríma "Wormtongue"

Gríma of the Rénewardingas, also known as Wormtongue, was born in T.A. 2974. He was the son of Galmod, the dour advisor to King Theoden. Although a commoner of Rohan, he was raised in the Meduseld in Edoras, for his father's station made him a virtual member of the King's household. After Galmod died, Grima inherited his position. Grima proved to be clever and deceitful, eventually seizing control of King Theoden's attentions. It is not clear when he entered the service of Saruman, but he became the agent of the White Wizard before the outbreak of the War of the Ring, leaking Rohan's secrets to Orthanc while poisoning Theoden with lies and disinformation. Although Eomer and others challenged his assertions, Wormtongue successfully fended off their protestations and eventually isolated them from the King's ear. Grima's betrayal was simply explained. In his own twisted mind, he desired Theoden's niece, Eowyn, and the White Wizard promised to deliver her to Wormtongue when Rohan capitulated. Gandalf shattered those plans, however, when he arrived in time to heal the King and unmask Grima and his treachery. The Counselor fled to his master in Isengard, only to be trapped soon afterwards by the siege of the Ents. Ironically, Grima later cast a stone out of Orthanc, aimed at Gandalf. It missed, and turned out to be nothing less than one of the Palantiri: the Seeing Stone of Orthanc. Saruman and his aide escaped the ruin of Isengard, moving north to the Shire where Grima finally rebelled against his master's rough treatment, stabbing the (now nearly powerless) Wizard in the back. Wormtongue in turn was lynched by Hobbits (T.A. 3019).

Grima's Principal Items:

  • councillor's Ring
  • cup of rohan
  • encrypted writings
  • Éowyn's token - an embroidered sign of good luck, originally given by her to Éomer Éadig.
  • magic easterling trove of storage - appears to be much smaller than what it actually is able to contain
  • golden bridle
  • Grima's Dagger
  • Grima's keys
  • Herugrim
  • Map of Edoras
  • scepter of the white hand
  • stolen Blade of Dunharrow