Gothmog, the Lieutenant of Morgûl

Gothmog was one of the most feared warriors in Sauron's service. He was the Warlord of the Host of Gorgoroth, Sauron's main Orc battle army, and served as the Witch-King's Lieutenant throughout the War of the Ring. During the Battle of Pelennor Fields, Gothmog led the Host that crossed the Anduin at Cair Andros and fell upon the city from the north. He later took command of all of the Mordorim after Eowyn slew the Lord of the Nazgul, and he nearly achieved the victory his master had so long sought. Only the intervention of Aragorn II and the Army of the Dead prevented Sauron's armies from taking Minas Tirith. He was killed before the conclusion of the battle.

Principal Items:

Gothmog's Lieutenants

Gothmog had eight lieutenants or proxies who acted as his henchmen:


  • In the Movie Trilogy, Gothmog is shown as a monstrous Orc. However, another possibility that this Gothmog was a Troll-Orc Crossbreed, and can thus be considered a Half-Troll/-Orc. In actuality, nobody knows for sure what Gothmog of Morgul was in the novels; it is entirely possible he was a Boldog, one of the Nazgul, or a human.
  • Gothmog is marked by a strange disease on the left side of his face, probably Pakiik.


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