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Gothmog (S."Hate-strife" Orc."Voice of the Master" Q."Kosomoko" or "Kosomot"), Lord of Balrogs and High Captain of Angband.All Balrogs are terrifying and awesome, so it is virtually impossible to adequately describe Gothmog, the most powerful of all the Balrogs that ever burned in Arda. Gothmog was of such might and majesty that a persistent rumor that has echoed down the Ages has portrayed him as the son of Morgoth Himself— an unlikely thought at best. In any case, Gothmog was responsible for a great part of the misery of Arda in in the First Age. Many were the Elven heroes who fell to his whip and blade before he was killed in mortal combat with Ecthelion of the Fountain in the siege of Gondolin in First Age 511.



  • Gothombauk
  • Kalimbo
  • Kosmoko
  • Kosomok
  • Kosomoko (C)
  • Kosomot (C)
  • Náron (N)


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