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This dry, desolate plateau forms the northwestern third of Mordor and is bordered by the ranges of the Ered Lithui and the Ephel Dúath. Thick layers of flood basalts deposited over many years, lifted Gorgoroth half a mile above the level of the Anduin, and it might as well be a different world altogether from neighboring Ithilien. Its landscape is hospitable only to Orcs. Only Orodruin and Barad-dûr break the apparent plane of Gorgoroth 's horizon, but crags, fissures, and wide basins of dust slow the traveller's pace to a mere crawl. Virtually no sources of potable water exist on the plateau. Idle visitors are warned to avoid this land, the stronghold of Sauron.


Ashenplains Carach Angren Demon Angren Demon´s cleft Devilish Cross Durthang-Spur Gaer Dûrlith Hidden Vale Kirithgal Morgai Mulburz Road Nargroth Road Nurza-Shûk Orodruin Plain of the Black Steeds Seregost Road South Gorgor South Moroth

Places of Note

Barad-dûr Barad Ungol Durthang Kra-Búrzum Lag-Digturmarr Lag-Fhauga Lag-Flaksharbtur Lag-Lithlad Lag-Uyakdagûl Lag-Zayarzot Lugshar Minas Dûrlith Nargroth Orodruin Ostigurth Sammath Naur Seregost


Araudagul Carrog Zaken


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