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Gondor - the South Kingdom

Gondor in the Second Age - Númenórean Colonies

The South Kingdom or Gondor (S."Land of Stone"; older Númenórean name: Turmen Hyallondiéva or Hyallondië) was the great Dúnadan kingdom that lay west of Mordor and north of the Bay of Belfalas. Osgiliath on the Anduin served as the Gondorian capital until T.A. 1640, when the throne was moved to Minas Anor (Minas Tirith).

Other names

  • Arthor na Challonnas
  • Gondo-ndor
  • Hallonnas
  • Hyallondië
  • Land of Stone
  • Ond
  • Ondonórë
  • Ondor
  • Realm of the South-harbourage
  • Stone-using people’s land
  • Stoneland
  • South-Kingdom
  • Southland
  • Sunlend
  • Suthlend
  • Turmen Hyallondiéva


  • Type: Alluvial Vales.
  • Area: 230,250 square miles.
  • Elevation: Average: 600 feet; Lowest point: Sea level; Highest point: Orod Edhelion (S. "Mount Edhelion") 6,900 feet.
  • Climate: Average annual precipitation: 35-55 inches; Mean annual temperature: 55-65°F; Average low - Narwain: 25°F; Average high - Cerveth: 85°F.
  • Composition: Gondor lost some of its coastal lands during the catastrophe which wiped Beleriand from the map. The Ethir Anduin, a drowned river mouth, the harbor at Lond Ernil, and the sea cliffs of Belfalas were created by the raising of the level of the sea. Dark black basalt made up the bedrock in most of the region, with some sedimentary layers of shale, limestone, and sandstone in the fertile alluvial valleys. In some locales, the granitic base showed through, and in the vicinity of the Ered Tarthonion, one could find large outcroppings of marble. North of the Ered Nimrais, layers of sandstone and chalk predominated. Though Gondor's mineral wealth came mostly from the White Mountains, smaller mines dotted the countryside, producing nickel, tin, and lead. Saltpanning was a major industry in Anfalas and in the Ethir Anduin.
  • Notes: Gondor's reputation as the "Land of Stone" relied upon the fact that it held some of the most fertile lands of northwestern Endor. Except for the lush groves of Ithilien, there were no large forests present, but small copses of pine, cyprus, larch, juniper, and lebethron dotted the countryside. The sea also played an important role in the lives of most Gondorians, providing food and transport.

The Realm in TA 1149

Kings of Gondor

  • Political Organization: Absolute monarchy with some characteristics of both traditional feudal and constitutional structures.
  • RulerHyarmendacil I (Ciryaher) Last of the Ship-Kings of Gondor. During his reign, Gondor reached the height of its power, its borders reaching their furthest extent. The Kingdom extended east to the Sea of Rhûn, south to the nearest lands of the Haradrim, as far north as Mirkwood, and west towards the borders of Arnor in Eriador.
  • Administrative Organization: The King's authority embodies executive, legislative, and judicial power. He conducts diplomacy, commands armies, confers titles, and decrees punishments. He is restricted only by an unwritten obligation to uphold the traditional laws of the Kingdom, which can only be changed with the consent of the Crown Council. This august body is comprised of one hundred of the most prominent nobles in the realm. A Steward, generally a wise man advanced in years, who is prohibited from going to war in person or leaving the realm, rules in the King's absence and ensures continuity between reigns.
  • Population: ~12,000,000 Gondorians (Including lesser Dúnedain and Daen), ~3.000 Woses, ~600 Elves, ~8000 Marshmen, ~60,000 Southrons.
  • Military: 120,000 levy
  • Products: fish, salt, marble, finished products, grain, cattlefruit, spices, herbs, textiles, books, art, glass, iron, zinc, lead, gems, wool.
  • Symbol: The White Tree on a Black Field.

Gondor is the largest and best-organized political unit of Men in Middle-earth. For ease of administration, it is divided into provinces and territories. Those regions originally settled by the Men of Númenor comprise the  provinces. Areas conquered by Gondor following the death of Elendil became territories. In general, the provinces take precedence in court over the territories, but the King's direct command over the territories (usually through the military), ensures a significant political role for all regions of Gondor. Both provinces and territories are often divided into smaller fiefs governed by a Hando or a Squire responsible to the Lord of the province or directly to the King himself. It is usual for the administrator of a province or territory to have several powerful lieutenants under his authority.

The Realm in TA 3019

  • Political Organization: Representative monarchy with a hereditary Steward ruling in place of a King and widely autonomous local hereditary Liege-Lords.
  • Ruler: Steward Denethor II.
  • Administrative Organization: The Steward reigns with the advice of the Crown Council. Local Lords are widely autonomous.
  • Population: 3,000,000-4,500,000 Gondorians (Including lesser Dúnedain, Mountainmen and Coastal-people)
  • Military: 30,000 (including professional Soldiers and Militiamen)
  • Products: fish, salt, marble, finished products, grain, cattlefruit, spices, herbs, textiles, books, art, glass, iron, zinc, lead, gems, wool.
  • Symbol: The White Tree on a Black Field.


Ainur: Grey eye Lone Lady Nenselde the Wingild Roamingstar Samdir of Osgiliath Silverfroth Truetongue

Elves: Amroth son of Amdír Andovon Pathdal Annelena Arinmir Celeborn the Wise Cirdur Elwen of Edhellond Galadriel Legolas II Greenleaf Magoldir Melthien Mithrellas Rongo


S.A. and early T.A.

Allandale Anardil of Gondor Anárion Elendilion Aratan Atanatar I of Gondor Bravantel Buldar Cemendur of Gondor Ciryanar Ciryon son of Isildur Díriel Eärendil of Gondor Elendil the Tall Elendur son of Isildur Elmar Er-Murazor Hazad Longbeard Héol Isildur Elendilion Meneldil of Gondor Merro Riac Mogru Morthec Gruan Ohtar the Esquire Ostoher of Gondor Rioc Glastannan Rómendacil I Siriondil I Tal-Elmar Tarandil Turambar of Gondor

Before T.A. 1640:

Aldamir Atanatar II Alcarin Beruthiel Castamir the Ursurper Ciryandil Eärnil I of Gondor Eldacar of Gondor Hyarmendacil I Hyarmendacil II Minardil Narmacil I Rómendacil II Tarannon Valacar of Gondor

T.A. 1640:

Húrin of Emyn Arnen Tarondor of Gondor Telemnar of Gondor

Between T.A. 1650 and T.A. 2950:

Alphros Artamir of Gondor Belecthor II of Gondor Beregond of Gondor Beren of Gondor Boromir I of Gondor Calatur Calimehtar I of Gondor Cirion the Steward Denethor I Díor of Gondor Eärnil II of Gondor Eärnur of Gondor Ecthelion I of Gondor Ecthelion II of Gondor Egalmoth of Gondor Elphir Faramir son of Ondoher Finduilas of Dol Amroth Fíriel of Gondor Gilmith of Dol Amroth Hador of Gondor Hallas of Gondor Húrin II Macilnis Mardil Voronwë Morwen of Lossarnach Narmacil II Ondoher Orolang Pelendur of Gondor Silmahtar Telumehtar Umbardacil Turgon the Steward Túrin I Túrin II Vorondil the Hunter

T.A. 3019:

Adrazar Adrahil II Alcarin of Minas Tirith Amroth Anborn the Ranger Angbor the Fearless Aragorn Elessar Argirion II Barahir of Ithilien Baranor of Lossarnach Benrodir Beregond of Lossarnach Berethor Bergil son of Beregond Borlas of Pen-Arduin Boromir son of Denethor II Cirion of Minas Tirith Corinir Damrod the Ranger Daughter of Shadow Denethor II Derufin of Erech Dervorin of Ringló Dorelas the false Priest Duilin of Morthond Duinhir of Morthond Eärnur of Harlond Ecthelion II Elphir Erchirion Eun of the Mountains Falborn Faramir of Ithilien Finduilas II of Dol Amroth Fíriel of Pelargir Forlong the Fat Gilgir Golasgil Goromil of Ithilien Grager Guthrond Hedrigan Herion of Pinnath Gelin Hirgon the Errand-Rider Hirluin the fair Húrin the Tall Imrahil of Dol Amroth Ingold of Minas Tirith Ioreth of Imloth Mellui Iorlas of Minas Tirith Irolas of Minas Tirith Lothiriel I of Dol Amroth Mablung of Ithilien Madril Maethor Mektar Morwen of Lossarnach Nosdiligand Ostisen the Moorlander Súrion of Pelargir Taliesin Targon of Minas Tirith Turgon of Dol Amroth Vorondil of Minas Tirith

Fourth Age: Amrothos Alphros Arwen Undómiel Beregond of Lossarnach Berelach Borlas of Pen-Arduin Elboron Eldaravir Eldarion Telcontar Elphir Erchirion Eranoth Findegil of Gondor Haerangil Herumor the Dark Lord Morgon Othrondir of Gondor Saelon Tirgil

Orcs: Gríshru Holdor Narg Pushdug Thergor the Starseer

Settlements and Points of Interest

Abad Elemir Abad Luithiad Abyss Abedec's Watch Achad Tarlang Adab Dolen Adanadar Adavalinda Aegollant Aelin Veren Aerost Aerthir Aerthir Lighthouse Agar Alagrant Alegh Alphaelin Aludor Amon Aerrych Amon Anglebed Amon Anwar Amon Barad Amon Baran Amon Corch Amon Darthir Amon Dîn Amon Dur Amon Gorgor Amon Lontir Amon Rustui Coppermines Amon Uilos Amloth Amrûnaur An Côsa Brâs Ancient Dephts Andiant Andram Angast Angbor`s Keep Anghabar Annon Drúin Annon Wain Annúbad Annúlond Anwarbad Aragorn's Camp Aragorn's Pavillion Ard-Galen Arnach Arnbâd Arobel Astirian Athrad Poros Balarost Balibogach Balimur Balimur Saltpans Balorn Bar-en-Dinnen Bar Algund Bar Amlug Bar Annúnaid Bâr Aroth Bar Cymen Bar Dirnen Bar Duilin Bar Elir Bar Elmar Bar Engui Bar-Erib Bar Erui Bar Estë Bar Ethir Bar Feryth Bar Gilcudor Bar Gilraen Bar Harest Bar Húrin Bar Iaur Dínen Bar Illuin Bar Luindol Bar Lymen Bar Malréd Bar Melui Bar Metrast Bar Miruvor Bar Morthil Bar Morvegil Bâr Nadhron Bar Nepos Bar Nevedui Bar Norond Bar Novond Bar Orchaldor Bar Rocu Bar Rohallor Bar Serë Bar Serni Bar Sindbar Bar Tawar Bâr Tarnaher Bar Tumladen Bar Tyliand Bar Uial Barad Aerhir Barad Aerrych Barad Amroth Barad Feron Barad Galathil Barad Hiraer Barad Ithilnen Barad Loen Barad Metrast Barad Nemorn Barad Othnir Barad Perras Barad Rill Barad Tarlang Barad Vedui Barad Wethrin Baradaphel Barandor Barfalas Barlín Iaur Beleganor Benish Armon Black Ox Blackbird Hamlet Blackroot Graves Borgil's Grave Brangobel Brethil Brimlad Brindalin Cabed Anghen Caberas Caerost Cair Andros Cairros Calembel Caleneithel Calenfen Calenhad Calenhirost Calost Camp of the Grey Host Car Gaul Bar Caraghir Caragost Caras Athrad Caras Tolfalas Carasast Carlost Cathlond Causeway Forts Cavern under the White Mountains Caverns of Emyn Ernil Caves of the Avorrim Caves of Drach Ceberas Celdol Celentir Celerdain Celos Wells Ironmines Cenic Locen Cenic Minith Ceregwyn Chaichail Crosda Chaichail Puchel Chaichail Reulan Ciril Falls Ironmines Cirith Aralanthir Cirith Dúath Cirith Iaur Cirith Negen Cirith Ninniach Cirithost Cirith Ungol Clearfalls Cliff Caves Coastal Signal Tower Corgonin Cormallen Coromin Corsair hideout Corsair Cave Courc Court of Anglind Crithost Cross-roads of the Fallen King Crossing Hall Crossings of Erui Crossroads Cûl Bin Cûl Veleg Cûm Arelaid Cûm Taran Cursed Caverns Cursed stones Dallarandil Dâr Matum Dead Cave Deshghar Din-Lamedon Dimrost Dínadab Dindal's Watch Diniath Dior Dol Aerrochben Dol Amroth Dol Banred Dol Brannor Dol Calimir Dol Caranthan Dol Ereb Dol Faeren Dol Gilmith Dol Gwaer Dol Henfin Dol Maldring Dol Tarlang Dolfin Dor-en-Ernil Battleground Dor-en-Ernil Corsair Cave Dorthonion Drambor Drinbar Drowned Cave Drû Bhûta Drúabad Dudhrandir Duindir Dúneth's Camp Dunlogan Dunmardo Dur-nor-Belgod Duranil's Grave Durlin Duvlin Eärcaraxë's lair Eastern Blockade Echad-i-Sedryn Echorost Edhellond Eilenach Eilenaer Eilendoth Eithel Ulmo Elf Village Emlin Emyn Arnen Overlook Emyn Ernil Nickel-mines Emyn Ernil Spider Cave Endil Enedhîr Engui Enta Sirith Erchar's Camp Erech Eregmar Eregost Erelas Erinath Erynos Ethillorn Ethir Ethraid Engrin Ethring Ethring Lumber Camp Ethrond Everhaven Eyes of Oclanoc Fallen Beacon Fanghîn's Cave Fanuilond Faramir's Lookout Ferendil Firguld`s Lair Firimas Forbidden Halls Forbidden Pool Forlong's Hall Gaerlond Gaeros Gaersûl Galadhad Galdir's Dell Galenwath Galibur Garth Lotheg Gate of the Dead Gethron's Manor Gilin Gilros Girilthir Gladion's farm Glamorgarth Glanhir Glaniath Glinduin mere Glorfindel's Hut Glorlach Gobel Othnir Gobel Tolfalas Gondraim Gríshru Gwaerost Gynd Haedrec's Cave Haerlond-ena-Lefnui Haerondir Halach Haldanen Hall of the Gentle Hand Hall of Lady Vanyalos Hallras Haramon Harciril Harlanc Harlond Harmindon Has Annûn Hashadîr Hawthorn Manor Hata Kebir Hata Khezrat Heldasiril Hellui Helluin Henneth Annûn Herevorn Herion's Camp Herumal's Tower Hill of Shades Hill of the pyre Hillock Hoeg's House Hogo Tarosvan Hollowcliff Horin`s Tower Hunting retreat Húrin's Hall Hwalord Hwarin Hyallondië Hyand Byth Hyarpendë Iantras Iant-in-Eilph Iant Linhir Iant Tinnen Iaurost Imlad Angren Imlad Arheledh Imloth Melui Imrath Imrazôr's Hallow Ithilduin Caverns Ithilien Lookout Ithilliant Ithilien Groves Jal Kepir Jal Vârsha Kadar Karas Taurina Karmâh Kechel Kêr Bras Kêr Izel Khîrgan-nam Lag-konzi Lag-majakul Lag-malmabus Lag-scara Lag-shermat Lalmear Lalornen Lamedon Bandit Encampment Lamedon Zinc Mines Lân Mefam Lancrath Lang Boha Lanrain Lanthiriath Lanuyon lead-mines Larkanen Larnach Lattacanuva lead-mines Leaguer of Mardil The Leaping Fish Lebinnevet Lebinor Lendin Lenn Dûskud Lhingroth Lindabad Lindon Linhir Lochen Lómost Lookout Lórilad Lornost Lond Cobas Lond Deryn Lond Faeren Lond Feren Lond Galen Lond Rhaen Lond Tathren Long Bridge Lorilad Lornost Lossarnach Coppermines Lothan Lothein Lothgobel Lothuial Luk Kakhát Lumber Camp Luntil's Ferry Maegond Makham Hosh Makham Jurrar Makham Mijann Malbarth Malrach Manor of Fordelin Manor Ranoran Mar Maliarnin Maudhul Grak Meadowcroft Mellainende Merinand Methed Lebennin Methrast Mierách Min-Rimmon Minas Andhen Minas Anduin Minas Anghen Minas Anor Minas Arnach Minas Arthor Minas Beleganor Minas Brethil Minas Daldor Minas Imduin Minas Ithil Minas Rosuldrië Minlos Mindolluin Moon-land Falls Monastery of Maldovitar Monastery of Mirkal Monastery of Sucevitar Monastery of Voronet Morgûl Gate Morlad Morthondost Nan Ascarwing Nar Amrûn Nardol Nardol Quarry Nargond Narvindon Naur Amrûn Nelbel Nelheneb Silvermines Nendath Nenmarros Nimrond Nimrond Cavern Nindad Estolad Nineryn Oathbreakers village Obel Rimmon Oclanoc Ólt Orc camp of Gríshru Orc War Camp Orod Ethelion Osgar Osgiliath Ossaren Ossarnen Ost Anglebed Ost-in-Girilthir Ostithil Ost Lontir Ost Norhír Ost Rimmon Ost Saerthond Ost Sarram Ostara Ostithil Overgrown hollow Parth Duin Parth Forant Parth Galen Parth Gladló Parth Iaur Parth Lisc Paths of the Dead Pel Chardún Pel Dúven Pel Enaid Pel Forod Pel Tundalaf Pelargir Pelinel Pellas Pen-Arduin Pile of River-stones Pin Hingen Pinnorost Porosîr Púkelhyrne Ráma Ramadalph Ramanen Gold Hunter's Camp Rammas Echor Ranger Cairn Ranoran Ras Morthil Rast Rhaen Rasuldrie Raudfêrn Rauros Rendûl Rianbar Rilmost Rimmon Rimmon Quarry Ringnen Roamingstar's glade Rohallor Rolanthir Romenost Rond Benithiel Rond Berúthiel Rond Deren Rond Rhandir Rondalph Rosuldrie Ruem's Hut Ruins of Ethillorn Rustrond Saerthondost Sardol Sarlond Sarnhad Sarn Erech Sarnen Himbadar Secluded Glade Senelond Serelond Setmaenen Shadow-watch Shortmead Manor Shrine to Morgoth Sibiu Sighisoara Silvermine Simbel Sindamos Sindbar Singroth Saltmines Sirbad Siriath Sirthanc Slaen Caradoc Slaem Puchael Snathlin Spathlin Spider Cave The Stones Stone-Circle Stone of Erech Suceva Tadrent Tailain Tailan Tamasûl Taramon's Villa Tarannon's Villa Târik-Ûriyat Tarlang's Crown Tarlang's Peaks Tarlang Tin-mines Tarnost Telagar Telengaur Telerid Temple of Suceva Thama Aklam Thamas Adlannar Thamas Neldor Tharagrond Tharagrondost Tharcairion Thargelon Thargol Tharven Théoden's War-Stead Thergor's Hideout Thinbar Thonfalas Thoredarb Thurindath Tingobel Tingobel Mine Tir Arnen Tir Bannor Tir Eiliant Tir Elena Tir Faroth Tir Feren Tir Obel Tir Serni Tir Uial Tirith Aerar Tirith Cobas Tirith Nimmen Tirith Nindor Tirith Wilwarin Tisgila Keep Toldil Tomb of Herion Tor na Tolini Torech Ungol Torngroth Tower of the Gull Tower of the Heron Trenas Troggha's Tower Tûm-i-Cereg Tumbrui Tumladen Tungobel Tuntham Turmen Udul Uya Hujûm Úlond Umb Dolen Umb Estelwain Undersea-Grotto Vairenna Veriladen Vinyamar War-stead of the Eorlingas War-stead of the Helmingas Water-logged Halls Wathduin Western Post Westhold Whisper Glen Woodhold Wose passage hold Zigil Jabâl

Regions and Rivers

Anduin Agar Ahasiril Alagdor Alec Vale Andin Andrast Andrast Coast Anduin Channels Anduin Marshes Angrast Anfalas Anórien Aranelaith Ard-Galen Arnbâd Arnach Aron Ered Arthor Aug Lamedon Balimur Balorn Banks of Morthond Bay of Belfalas Beacon Hills Beaconmarches Belfalas Blackroot Vale Bogwood Border Marches Bredonach Brethil Cabed Araheledh Caergaladrin Cair Andros Calenhir Cape Belfalas Caradhram Caraghir Carnen Vale Celebros Celgalen Celos Celossien Central Gondor Cers Balimur Cil-Iscod Cilin Valley Ciril Cirith Aralanthir Cirith Calenen Cirith Dudhrandir Cirith Iaur Cirith Nimrais Ciryant Clearfalls river Cliffs of Shadow Cobas Cormallen Cûm Locen Cypress Hills Daldor Dark Woods Din Lamedon Dinnen Dol Amroth Peninsula Doranórien Dor-Brannidor Dor-en-ernil Dor-in-Edhil Dorthonion Drúwaith Iaur Druxaldë Duilqen Dunmardo Dyn Berain East Anfalas Eastern Gondor eastern highland Elemir Lands Elena Emlin Emreth Emyn Amen Emyn Arnen Emyn Caer Emyn Eglain Emyn Ernil Emyn Fuin Emyn Poros Enedhîr Eneyn-in-Onodlo Engui Erborn River Ered-en-Edhel Ered Tarthonion Erinath Ernilos Erui Erui Delta Eryn Cordovath Eryn Faeren Eryn Laegol Eryn Mith Eryn-in-Únahoth Ethir Anduin Ethir Islets Ethir Lefnui Ethir Poros Far Anórien Faron Fenwood Ferensiril Field of Cormallen Foothills of Ephel Dúath Foothills of northwestern Lamedon Forithilduin Forithilien Frontier Marches Fuintir Gaelon Gaelos Galdir's Dell Gilrain Vale Gilrain Woods Glinduin-Serni estuary Glinduin Valley Glorel Gonderyth Duath Gorbelgod Grey Wood Hairaverkien Haldanen Harithilduin Harmaka Harnendor Haunted Hills Haunted Valley Havens of Belfalas Heart of Gondor Heldasiril Hidden Vale High Vales Hills of Ithilien Hills of Tarnost Hithliniath Hwanhir Iaurló Imduin Imlad Angren Imlad Arheledh Imlad Carnen Imlad Tathren Imloc Duinna Imloth Melui Imrath Gondraich Isle of the Ulond Ithilduin Estuary Ithilduin Vale Ithilien Ithilien Woods Lamedon Lamedon Swamps Landor Lankanen Lanthiriath Larkanen Lebennin Lebennivet Lefnui Leigos Vale Lindon Lô Dhaer Locen Valley Loeg Balimur Loeg Fanui Loeg Glanhir Lond Cobas Lond Feren Lond Nornin Lórel Lossarnach Lothein Lower Lebennin lower Lefnui valley Lyghiril Lymen Methrast Miruvor Morgulduin Morlad Mornan Morthond valley Morthond-Ringló confluence Morvegil Na-tyliand Nan Ascarwing Nan Celgalen Nan-i-Feryth Nan Engui Nan Girith Nan Harlond Nan Lefnui Nan Requain Nan Roechbin Nan Sirith Nan Zurenen Naur Amrûn Near Vales Nen Galen Nen Gilros Nen Hwárin Nethos Nevedui Nin Firn Nindor Nineryn North Ithilien Old Anórien Orchaldor Othnir Parth Feren Parth Gladló parth-i-certémar Parth Iaur Paths of the Dead Pelargirean league Pelennor Fields Perth Maiwin Petrel Bay Pilindhir Pinnath Gelin Pinnath River Poros Marches Ram Galen Rámanen Ramgalen Rammas Echor Ras Drúadan Rast Hanadh Rast Iaur Ras Miulimë Ras Nimrais Rast Morthil Rast Rhaen Ringló Vale River Runda Rohallor Royal Demesne Rúasir Ruhonir Scâda Pass Serni Shores of the Anduin Sindbar Sirith South Ithilien Southern Cliffs Southern Lebennin Succava Vale Swamps of Lamedon Talath Anór Talath Lethen Talath Lothien Tarlang's Neck Tathrendalf Taur Andrast Taur-in-Drúadan Taur Broseliand Taur Ithilien Tharagrond the Marsh Tinnen Tiridon Tirith Dûr Tol Aduial Tol Aerhir Tol Falthui Tol Fennas Tol Lochú Toldil Tolfalas Tum-i-Cereg Tumbrui Tumladen Twiddle Forest Udul Ulond Umb Dolen Umb Estelwain Upper Lebennin upper Lefnui valley Urb Duien Usuluni Vale of Erech Vale of the Forbidden Pool Vale of Nightblades Vale of Shadows Valley of Stonewains Western Gondor western highland


Castle Road Ciril and Ringlo Road Cirith Dudhrandir Eastern Road Feren Paths The Hidden Way The High Road Hyarmentie Irit Núrn Ithilien Road Len Lefnui Men Dirnen Men Dubat Men Ernil Men Falas Men Galen (Laitie Iaur) Men Harad Men Harnen Men Harondor Men Ithilien Morthond Road North Road of Ithilien North-south road Northern Road old road Overgrown Trail Paid-i-Rendir Paths of the Dead Poros Road Rak Chelkar Rak Harmal Rath Amrûn Rathon Arat Rathon Gondor Southern Road Western Road







  • Agrashaga of the Ered Nimrais
  • Morgûl-Orcs
  • Rashat-Hai


Aurochs Blue bears Blue otters Caradraug Cattle Cave Eel Cliff-Bucks Cliff buzzards Craven Eagles Crows Culvert Slugs Deer Dolphins Dragonflies Drúnen Trout Ducks Eventide-Stalkers Fen-Flies Fen-Lurkers Fen Worms Fish Forest Bats Foxes Frogs Giant Squid Great Spiders Green asps Grey Sperm Whale Gulls Hawks Herd-Cows Herons Herring Horses of Gondor Hunting Bats Insects Kine Kirinki Land Tortoises Lathbears Lizards Marine turtles Mollusks Moor cats Morgûl Spiders Mosquitos Mountain-Goats Mountain-Lions Mountain-Lizards Mungos Pike Ravens Rimmon Burrowers River Turtles Rodents Sand-Norbogs Sea-Eagles Sea-Lions Sea-Scorpion Sea-Serpents Sea-Turtles Seals Sewer Bugs Sharks Sheep  shimmering river-toads Shore Hounds Shore Turtles Singing Birds Small kraken Small Lizards Snakes Spotted Panther Stoneland-Goats Storks Swans of Gorbelgod Swans of Ulmo Toads Vale-Bears Vale-Harts Valley-Boars Valley Goats Voles Waders Whales White Hart Wild Boar Wolves


Alfirin Amrúnan Athelas Barley  Bay leaf Beruthiel's Rue big orange mushroom blackberries blushblade Bright Lily Cave Mushrooms Cemenduril Blossom Culumalda Cypress Dewleaf Duskflower Entscloak Everworth Galenas  Gwathlas Hauntreek Horsetail Lebethron Lomthond Maiden's Helm Maresfoot marrow-root Marsh Marigolds Mountain Pine Oxlip Great Reeds Great Rushes Reed Saerthond Settlegang Shadowleaf snagbane Spearflower Sweetherbs Tallapattërrimpë Taters Trollstrife trueleaf Tunglewort Vetchling Wanderbeard Watercress Wearywort White Trees Wine Wheat


  • MERP: Assassins of Dol Amroth
  • MERP: Calenhad A Beacon of Gondor
  • MERP: Campaign and Adventure Guidebook
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