Gondolin (S. "The Hidden Rock") was the secret city of King Turgon surrounded by the Encircling Mountains (Echoriath). Destroyed by Morgoth. The original Quenya name for Gondolin was Ondolinde ("Stone Song").It was Called the Hidden City, the Hidden Kingdom and the Hidden Realm.

Places of Note

Valley of Tumladen

      • Alley of Roses
      • Arc of Inwe
      • Caragdûr
      • Fountains of the South
      • Gar Ainion
      • Great Gate
      • Great Market
      • Heavenly Arc
      • House of the Fountain
      • House of the Golden Flower
      • House of the Hammer of Wrath
      • House of the King
      • House of the Mole
      • House of the Pillar
      • House of the Tower of Snow
        • Tower of Snow
      • House of the Tree
      • House of the White Wing
      • House of Tuor and Idril
      • King's Alley
      • King's Square
        • Glingal and Belthil
      • Lesser Market
      • Maeglin's House
      • Main Gate
      • North Gate
      • Northern Barracks
      • Palace
        • Turgon's Gardens
        • Turgon's Tower
      • Road of Arches
      • Road of Pomps
      • Southern Barracks
      • Square of the Folkwell
      • Way of Running Waters
      • White Stairs
      • White Walls
  • Taleg Uthwen


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