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Golfimbul was the commander of the Orcs defeated by Hobbits in the Battle of Greenfields (T.A. 2747) in the North-farthing of the Shire. He was slain by the great Bandobras Took (aka. "Bull-roarer"), who became famous for the victory. Although the Hobbits called him an Orcish king, Golfimbul was actually little more than a tribal Chieftain. The battle itself would have been considered a relatively minor skirmish among most other races. However, from the Hobbitish perspective, war and adventure were rare. Thus the skirmish was great, and so was the victory.Golfimbul was most noted for being responsible for the game of golf. As Hobbit tales recalled, the game was invented by accident when the Orc-lord's head rolled into a hole after being clubbed off by Bullroarer's mighty blow.



According to MERP Golfimbul was an Uruk, in the LotR SBG however he is depicted as a large goblin brute similar to Gorkil, Durburz, Groblog or Ogrod.


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