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Goldred was a Rohirrim merchant of Edoras who was able to gain the favour of King Fengel. Welcomed in court, Goldred encouraged Fengel’s suspicions and fears, and pushed him to outlaw his competitors one by one. When Thengel returned he instantly proved less tractable than his father, and Goldred fell quickly to disgrace.

Now the merchant schemed to overcome his competitors with complex plots, seeking aid from those men who still responded properly to gifts of treasure. Goldred remained wealthy, though his secret hoard-room was less fabulously rich than before, and he was careful not to offend the King lest he found himself driven away and his treasure subject to banditry or confiscation. But should a rival to Thengel need a friend among the merchants, Goldred won’t be far away. He was normally found scheming at Cépa’s House

Goldred was a portly man in his late fifties, as swift to down an ale as he was to discuss business. He was a skilled talker, and eloquent in his way, but tended to swiftly dismiss those he didn’t think he could gain anything from. He was always interested in news from afar and did his best to be charming around “useful” folk.


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