The dreadful glutan (S.Laudhron pl. Laudhronath) was found thoughout northwestern Endor, but the largest concentration of the creatures was undoubtedly in western Minhiriath in Eriador. A wolverine-like creature, it was one of the most fearsome predators in Middle-earth.

It was a solitary, dark-furred beast shaped like a large badger. The glutan was unbelievably quick and fierce, and appeared to be quite insane. They had been known to attack large groups of armed men without the slightest provocation, fighting to the death even if escape was easily available.

There were two recognized varieties. The lowland variety was approximately two feet long on the average, with a reddish brown coloration that faded to a lighter color in the winter. They were very powerful for their size and would fight long after other animals would have fled. These animals were quite temperamental and would attack for no reason. A bounty had been placed on their heads of 1 silverpenny, but this reward was not one highly sought after. Those that did hunt glutani could sell the live creatures for more to Gwathuirim who used them in fights against bears or wolves.

The highland or mountain glutan was not longer than its lowland relative, but somewhat bulkier. They were dark brown to black in coloration, and stalked the high hills of Dor 'Wathui unafraid of anything. Similar in disposition to their lowland relatives, they were usually not sought after for bounty or capture because cages that would hold them were hard to come by and the Gwathuirim were fond of keeping their limbs.


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