Area surrounding Cromm Bráighe


The Glenn Crec (Hi."Valley of Crags";S."Nan Îfren") was a beautiful valley in central Rhudaur, the only vale in the Trollshaws that might otherwise be called fair, between two parallel chains of small hills running east and west.It was the place of the Twisted Hill and the fortress of Cromm Bráighe.Early in the Third Age, the Dúnedain gained mastery over Cromm Bráighe after a short but fierce struggle with the Hillmen who controlled the vale around it and the Ta-Fa-Lish who dwelt inside it. They built upon and within the rock a mighty fortress dominating all the Trollshaws, the heart of the land that later became the kingdom of Rhudaur. Cromm Bráighe lay about eight miles east and south of a great bend in the River Mitheithel, within sight of the western border of the Trollshaws. A little ravine ran down the middle of the vale; the stream at the bottom of it, the Sruth Bócain, carried but a trickle of water except in the spring and after heavy rains. Although very pleasant country by the standards of Rhudaur, the lands around Cromm Bráighe were long shunned by the Hillmen, who feared the awesome shadow of the bent outcropping.


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