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Glaurung (S."Golden One"), Father of Dragons, was the first Fire-drake. He was, like Ancalagon, a huge beast. Glaurung measured almost three hundred feet in length when he was full grown. Morgoth's secret weapon in the war against the Elves, he was extremely successful, inspiring his creator to make more and even better Dragons. Brilliant but cruel, vain, and exceedingly rash. Glaurung destroyed many significant Elven and Mannish strongholds and ravished many landscapes before dying at the hands of Túrin Turambar.


It was said that there lived an evil spirit within Glaurung and that he was filled with the evil spirit of Morgoth, wheter this could be interpreted in a way that the Body of Glaurung was inhabited by a fallen Maia of some sort or if Glaurung 's personality was a split-off of Morgoth's own horrible Spirit and life-force remains uncertain.

According to Sauronic scribes, Iaurlóke the Old was the first true Drake. He was born in Angband (S. "Iron Prison") during the long struggle between Morgoth and the Eldar of Beleriand. He sired Glaurung, the Father of Dragons and the first of the Fire-drakes, but Glaurung consumed him in an ireful duel less than a century later. Iaurlóke the Old was a spiritual being, possibly a twisted Spirit of Arda or Maia.

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