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Gléowyn Bregadal (T.A. 2940 - T.A. 2960) was the wife of Lord Gamling the Old of House Bregadal and the firstborn child of Prince Thengel and Morwen of Lossarnach. Trained to be a fighter, she started training from childhood and stories were told that she slew a very large Orc Chieftain. Years later, she was slain by a Dunlending warrior while riding with her husband, along with his company, during a conflict between the Rohirrim and Dunlendings. Her death was avenged by her husband who slew the Dunlending Warrior that killed her. Gamling blamed his father-in-law and the mysterious Thorongil for her death since they didn't arrive in time to reinforce his garrison. He didn't remarry and even had children, but would pass his title of lordship over to another member of the family.

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