Girdley Island map

Girdley Island (S. Tol en-Lest) was a Rocky island in the Brandywine about ten miles north of the Bridge of Stonebows, home to a Riverman settlement and an Elvish glade frequented by the Wandering Companies.Girdley may well have been the original crossing point of the Men Romen in the Elder Days . The approaches on either bank were difficult, however , because of marshy ground. In this era, the northend of the island remained an "Elvish haunt, " while the southend was haven to a Riverman village.

At the site of an old Elvish river crossing, Three ithillynt (S."Moonboats" ) rested at the bottom of the river here.If the correct command phrase was called from either shore, these slim, white-hulled craft rose out of the water and traveled back and forth of their own volition, carrying whomever summoned them across the river.One who knew the magic involved in their construction could, at need, make them sink in mid-river, although no Elf would do this save under the most dire of circumstances.The Rivermen who regularly camped on the southern end of the island were terrified of the boats, thinking them the work of ghosts.The Hobbits, who had to periodically raid Girdley Island when Rivermen fled there after committing crimes in the Eastfarthing , tended to either not know or not care about the Elvish vessels.

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