Also known as Telemírion, Gimilkhâd was the younger son of Ar-Gimilzor and Inzilbeth and the younger brother of King Tar-Palantir of Númenór. His father preferred him as a successor, but law forbade the succession of a second child without the blessing of the first child. A strong, cruel, harsh man, but exceedingly skilled, he commanded the King's Men during his brother's reign. His faction continued to advance the policies of persecution of the Elf-friends and separation from the Eldar and their ways, despite Tar-Palantir's efforts to reverse the trend and protect the Faithful. Gimilkhâd's early death preceded that of the King's, though, so the Faithful enjoyed a brief era of safety and prosperity. This respite ended when Tar-Palantir died and Gimilkhâd's oldest son, Ar-Pharazon, seized the throne of Númenor (as well as Tar-Palantir's daughter).

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