Gildor Inglorion

A Noldorin Elf of the Household of FinarfinGildor Inglorion was the son of Inglor, a Knight of Nargothrond.

He was one of the most powerful Elven-Lords of his time and was considered the informal Ruler of the Wandering Companies, travelling between Imladris and the Tower Hills.


  • diadem
  • elven boots
  • elven knife
  • girdle
  • hooded cloak
  • leaf-brooch
  • longbow
  • long sword
  • Noldo lantern
  • long tunic
  • Lute
  • quiver and arrows
  • robe
  • scarf
  • shirt
  • shoulder bag
  • walking stick
  • Waistcoat


  • Father: Inglor
  • Mother:Maereth/Gaerwen/Riwen
  • Wife:Roglass/Roccalassë/Eniril/Mabien
  • Son:Elboron


It remains unclear what exactly Gildor's relation to the house of Finarfin was, Gildor's supposed father's name, Inglor, was at a time of the legendarium, applied to both, Finarfin and Finrod.If Gildor had been son of Finrod, he would have been born in Aman after Finrod's reincarnation, if he had been a descendant of Angrod, he would have been able to claim the title of the High-king of the Noldor.However both of Orodreth's children, Gil-Galad and Finduilas, were said to have remained childless themselves, and no other children of Orodreth or Angrod are ever mentioned ,except for a spurious Haldir or Orodlin who later disappeared from the Genealogies.Finarfin's other son, Aegnor, also remained childless, and his daughter, Galadriel married the Teler Celeborn and became mother of Celebrian, no male descendant is mentioned, besides her grandsons, Elladan and Elrohir, the sons of Elrond.It still may be possible that Angrod had another, unnamed, child who could be Gildors Grandmother.Inventing a sister to Orodreth or a daughter of Haldir Orodlin (Galdrien?Rodwen?) could make Gildor a descendant of Finarfins and a member of Finrod's Household (as his supposed great-great nephew) without making him a possible candidate for the Title of High-King.


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