Gildor's Glade - Detail

The Eldar had been traveling regularly between Lindon and the east since the first Noldo and Sinda immigrants had come to Hollin in the early Second Age . To make these journeys both comfortable and safe, the servants of Gil-Galad and other Noldo leaders created a series of carefully landscaped and protected camping sites along the Elvish trails in Eriador.The glade most famous in Shire history lay on a ridge above Woodhall, in the Green-hill Country.Its slopes were too steep to attract the loggers of the old Arnorian settlements, and quiet but stern warnings kept them from trying to cut trails up its sides.Th top of the ridge flattened and widened until reaching an eastern brink where the promontory fell into the valley of the Stockbrook.A greensward, a grass-covered strip running along the eastern edge of the ridgetop, turned back into the woods at its southern end to offer a fine, sheltered campsite.The northern end of the green offered a fine view over the top of the oaks and beechs towards Woodhall and the Marish.

The southern campsit was narrow and overswept by the boughs of two rows of trees that seemed too tall to grow on such a high hill.At this end of the green, invisible to watchers in the lowlands, logs encircled a firepit lit only a few times a year and never by any of the local mortals.Here the Sîrrandrai Lord Sularin negotiated the settlement of the east- and Westfarthings with the Fallohide brothers and a dozen Hobbit clan leaders. In a later time, it was here that Bilbo Baggins spent his last nights in the Shire before departing for Rivendell.Here, also, Frodo Baggins met Gildor Inglorion who sent word to Tom Bombadil, the Rangers of the North, and other Elves that the One Ring and the Dark Riders were moving east.



Before TA 1640: Sularin

TA 3918:


Frequent Visitors: Gildor Inglorion Hawkeye Lagorlam


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