Ereinion Gil-galad (S.""Scion of Kings" "Star of bright light") was the last of the Noldo High Kings. He descended from a line of powerful rulers: his father was Arothir, the son of Angrod, who was the son of Finarfin, who was the son of Finwe (as listed in Tolkien's Notes--however, he is the son of Fingon in the published and Silmarillion). Though he was born before the Dagor Bragollach, he was saved from the aftermath alongside all the other women and children and was sent in youth to dwell with Cirdan the shipwright in the Havens of Falas. He escaped also the sack of the Havens and himself led the evacuation of women and children from there, fleeing to the Isle of Balar. Following the deaths of Fingon and Turgon, he became High King of the Noldor. When Celeborn departed Harlindon, the remaining Grey-elves also pledged themselves to Gil-galad. Only Gil-galad and his people doubted Annatar, the Lord of Gifts, and his fair-seeming guise, though they did not know his true identity. The imposter was not admitted into Lindon. And that realm remained safe when Sauron openly assaulted Eregion and laid waste to Eriador. With the aid of Tar-Minastir, the eleventh king of Númenór, Sauron was forced to concentrate his power in the south and east. When Sauron again rose to power, Gil-galad renewed the alliance with the surviving Númenóreans and defeated Sauron again in the Wars of the Last Alliance. The High King himself, however, was slain in the final battle, falling in single combat with Sauron. Had it not been for the preservation of the One Ring—claimed by Isildur as weregild for the deaths of his father and brother—the victory over Sauron would have been complete. Gil-galad was one of Middle-earth's greatest, noblest, most honorable, and most consistent leaders. His realm of Lindon was the longest lasting Elven kingdom in Endor. He was wise, perceptive, and a faultless judge of character and intent.


Physically he possessed the remarkable physique of the greatest Noldo princes (7'6"), the golden-brown hair of his august lineage, and the penetrating blue eyes of the Vanyar.


  • Aeglos
  • clad in silver, white, black & blue
  • Lance
  • Long sword
  • Mail
  • Narya
  • shining helm
  • shield - overlaid with silver and set with a device of white stars


  • Artanáro
  • Ereinion
  • Hallas
  • Halmir the Hunter
  • Orodlin
  • Rodnor


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