The Ghostcaves front Gate


Ghost-Caves level 1


Ghost-Caves Level 2

Twin openings at the top of stairs had corbeled, triangular arches. Ferns had taken root in the cracks between the massive granite blocks. This was the front entrance to the Ghost-caves or the Ogofau Cyhyraetho. The Ogofau Cyhyraetho (D. "Caves of the mourning Spirits" or W. "Ghost-caves") were a group of caverns in the foothills of the western Misty Mountains, they had been ancient burial-grounds of the Dunmen's ancestors but had not been used since the days of the Great Plague when one clan of Dunfearn, the Gogafael had hid themselves in the caves and never returned to the surface.In the later years the caves had been used by renegade tribal priests, Iweriadd Gwynn or later Tudgech hyn Bodnod for dark rites that evoked the dead.

A clearing at the edge of the Daithen woods revealed a cliff face at the foot of the mountains. Broad, but steep, steps ascended to a pair of openings in the bluff. Four square columns flanked the steps on either side. Their surfaces were severely eroded, but still held the faint tracery of carving. Moss grew in the many crevices in the stone. Two Mensharag, large stone lizards that resembled inanimate boulders until an intruder approached, stood guard on the steps.

The Path of Riddles, led to the caverns secretly from the Riddle Caves trhough the Underdeeps.

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