The most important Orc in Mount Gundabad outside of the Uruk oligarchy, Ghardak was a Common Orc Scout. He headed the force of elite Trackers, the Night Nosers, who gathered information both in Mount Gundabad and in the surrounding lands. Ghardak often conducted spying missions personally in the territory of the Orcs 'foes. Exceptionally discreet and secretive, Ghardak always kept his face masked save when in disguise; no one in Mount Gundabad save the Goblin-king knew his true appearance. It was also his preference never to confront a foe head-on when a stab in the back or an ambush was possible. Ghardak was highly skillful with shortbow and throwing daggers. He was of the Ilguz tribe and dwellt in the Great Spire.


  • MERP:Mount Gundabad
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