Old Ghân

The Chieftain of the Woses of Drúadan Forest in northern Gondor, properly called Drúedain or Drûgs, during the War of the Ring, Ghân proved to be a forgiving man and a valuable ally. Despite the age-old fear his reclusive people held for the Rohirrim, he agreed to lead the Riders of Rohan through their woodland realm, enabling them to avoid the Orc army that awaited them on the West Road. In gratitude, King Aragorn Elessar of Gondor gave the Drúadan Forest to the Woses forever, promising that they would no longer be hunted by other Men as they had in the past.

Ghân's father was also named Ghân, as "buri" signifies "son of" in Drûghic. The elder Ghân was presumably also a wise leader.

Ghan's Principal Items:


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