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Gerontius Took (TA 2790–2920) was a Hobbit of the Shire, son of Fortinbras Took and 26th Thain of the Shire (2848–2920).

He married Adamanta Chubb and had 12 children with her:

  1. Isengrim Took III (TA 2832-2930)
  2. Hildigard Took (TA 2835-?)
  3. Isumbras Took IV (TA 2838-2939)
  4. Hildigrim Took (TA 2840-2941)
  5. Isembold Took (TA 2842-2946)
  6. Hildifons Took (TA 2844-?)
  7. Isembard Took (TA 2847-2946)
  8. Hildibrand Took (TA 2849-2934)
  9. Belladonna Took (later Baggins) (TA 2852-2934)
  10. Donnamira Took (later Boffin) (TA 2856-2948)
  11. Mirabella Took (later Brandybuck) (TA 2860-2960)
  12. Isengar Took (TA 2862-2960)

Gerontius reached the second greatest age of any Hobbit in history, being surpassed ony by his grandson, Bilbo.  He was known as the "Old Took".


  • magic diamond studs


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